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Web Solutions
Web Solutions
Web development starts with your web strategy. We first exhaustively go through your business and processes, understand it and then merge it with our web expertise. We provide personal service and a commitment to develop a web presence to suit your needs. We are communicators first and technical programmers second, and our working style and web design reflect this.

This we do because we do not look at a website simply as a fad, Website is a possibility of revolutionizing your business- making you work smarter and look better and exponentially increase your profits.

Web design
We are not just web design company. In Translators-India we don't do just web designing; we try to make it your global platform. For us in Translators-India we take your website as your global recognition platform Translators-India will build you solid online smart working Websites, Portals-B2B, B2C, C2C, Vortals, demos and more. Our charged up creative team will design your website in a way that it looks totally different from your competitors and we make sure they look really cool. 

Site navigation, ease-of-use, and content are key. We design your website from the visitor's point of view by anticipating their hierarchy of needs. A site's aesthetics, which may include animation, are important in order to satisfy the site visitors' visual sense but content is still King and for content we have special dedicated team to provide good content for a good website.

Since a web site can present differently to the new user than it does to the web designer or client, we have a focus group of experienced web designers who do beta-test on each website. This group is composed of a cross-section of web designer, Web developer, content writers, translators (for multilingual websites) with varying degrees of computer literacy and artistic viewpoint. We give the focus group the site's goal and audience information and, on that basis, the group critiques it.

Your new site is also subjected to a thorough technical review including performance on a number of different types of operating systems, modem speeds, and browsers. For this we have different team of creative as well as technical people to test your website so it looks fine in every modem and your website should take less time to load.

Web Optimization & Promotion

After making a good website you need services of good web promotion company like us we also do website promotion and optimization of your website if you had designed it from other web design firm as their some points to always remember when designing a good website from every angle. We offer you the post hosting services, that keep you on top all the time in search engines and bring more clients to your website. Strategic advice services and search engine optimization and other allied services that enhance the value of your web solutions.

In order to insure that your website accomplishes what you want it to accomplish, we begin each project with a needs assessment strategy meeting so we can together define the audience, goals, and preliminary design for the site.

Our Skills in Web and software Programming Constitute

Server Side tech. - ASP(Active Server Pages) , ASP.Net, PHP, Cold Fusion, Servlets 
Client Side tech. - VBScript, JavaScript, Applets 
Databases - MySql, Ms-Sql, Access & Oracle 
Languages - C, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, C# 
Designing - Flash with Action Scripting, Photoshop, Coreldraw, PhotoImpact, Fireworks 
Editors - Frontpage, Dreamweaver 
Animations - Gif Animator, ImageReady, AnimationShop 

As web development firm, we have expertise to create and design any web application. The turn around time varies, in accordance to the requirement of our clients and can deliver a project in shortest time frame possible. We strictly believe in adhering to our commitments. We design attractive, fast downloading websites keeping the clients specifications in mind. Our pride lies in excellent quality at comparatively much lower rates and promise our clients the best product which meets all their specifications. We can accept project howsoever small or big it may be and can also work on sub contracts. We are comfortable in any volume of work. We look forward that you will give us an opportunity to work with you. 

We look forward to helping you realize a web presence for your company. Contact us for a free initial consultation !
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