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Voice Overs
Voice Overs

Translators-India can carry out this work for clients wishing to use existing audio, video or film tracks for overseas markets. First the script is translated appropriately into the target language. Then we select a voice-over or dubbing artist for client approval before recording takes place. We can organize the whole process if required.

Translators-India is doing voice-overs for Promos, Commercials, Industrials and Documentaries, but that's not all ! There's also the internet, audio prompts for equipment used in medicine as well as countless devices that make up the growing world of new technologies. All of this done from a professionally equipped, India based private recording studio.

Background and Evaluation

Translators-India is an innovative, dynamic company providing the best quality services to businesses of all types throughout the world. We develop solutions for your business and build long-term relationships based on our quality service, versatility and responsiveness to our customers. We are large enough to offer a wide range of available resources, and yet small enough to always be responsive to you. We are always happy to provide individual services as required, to meet the precise needs of the client. We provide our customers the best output with the best quality and on time delivery. We assign each project to only one project manager who will work closely with specialist to ensure that every piece of work are met the clients expectation and achieves an appropriate level.

The Studio

While sound has too often become the stepchild or afterthought to many productions, the objective here is to focus on delivering high quality recordings of the spoken word that enhance any project. This is done with world class, professional equipment, keeping the signal path as clean and short as possible.

Project types include

Commercials and Promos, and long-read Narrations. Being a private studio, supervised sessions are done via phone patch.


Neumanns (vintage and new): U47 tube, M269c tube, M149 tube, and a
Sennheiser MKH-416

When walking into any studio to record a vocal (or anything for that matter) the first thing most people scan for are the microphones that will be used. As many will confer, the sight of a Neumann mic evokes a sense of confidence and for some, even relief, as the microphone is "the" most influential link in the signal chain. There has been a common analogy to explain the character(s) of mics by comparing them to the lenses of a camera, in that each takes its own unique picture of the sound. Holding to that analogy then, Neumanns would be the Leicas of the recording world. First introduced in 1928 with the CMV3 (the first mass produced condenser mic), Neumanns have been the implement of choice in making crucial recordings. Since then, the talents of the skilled workers who carefully assemble them by hand have upheld the reputation of these legendary mics. Since my first encounter with these great microphones, it's safe to say that I've become "obsessed" with them. So, here's a look at my small but growing Neumann collection along with a bit of background information on each, they are the M149, U47, M269c, TLM193 and TLM103.

Microphone Pre-amp

D.W. Fearn VT-1


TASCAM DA-45HR (24/16bit) DAT Deck
TASCAM 122mklll cassette deck. This deck delivers what the industry considers to be the best quality sound that can be achieved using the cassette tape medium.
PlexWriter 8/2/20 CD Burner

Other Outboard Gear

Waves L2 Ultramaximizer
Junger Accent1 Digital Dynamics Processor
Eventide DSP4500 Ultra-Harmonizer®
Crane Song Trakker Compressor
Pair of EL-8/S Empirical Labs compressors
TASCAM CD-401 mkll Pro CD deck
Mackie 1402VLZPRO mixer

DAW Platforms

The very latest versions of:
Sonic Foundry - Vegas
Steinberg - WaveLab 3.0 Multi-track

Phone Patch

Radio Systems Inc. TI-101


Genelec 1030A's, as found in the best of studios for accurate, detailed monitoring.

High definition microphone cables give you noticeable sonic improvements. The "Champagne" cable I use (by B.L.U.E.) is the ultimate tube mic cable, with nothing comparable available anywhere. The audio signal conductors are separately shielded from all the other conductors, that along with the quality of wire used, equals an openness in sound that needs to be heard to be believed.

What links everything else in the studio is the ultimate in quad cable design, the Kiwi cable uses B.L.U.E.'s hand picked virgin proprietary materials. The quad design gives the cable an advantage when trying to achieve the highest quality recording where exquisite tonal quality is of the utmost importance. By using 4-22 Awg twisted pair conductors and a 95% tinned copper braided shield, this eliminates any matters of electromagnetic interference and micro phonic pick-up.

We have a large database of voice-over artists. Our rates are calculated by the hour (+ travel at cost) and depend on the language required. Our voice-over artists are based around the world, so we will find suitable artists as close to the venue as possible. We can translate the script if required. We can also organize a recording studio as necessary. We can advise on usage fees if the voice-over's work is going to be broadcast. We are also able to advise on lip-synching and dubbing and can offer a full production service as required.

Quality work , affordable prices, always on time...