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Translation Languages - ABOUT URDU LANGUAGE

Urdu Language @ US $0.08 / £ 0.04 Per Word

Urdu is a very popular language of the subcontinent , second only in the number of speakers to Hindi. It is the national language of Pakistan and an offical language of UP in India . It is the language of poetry and of literature.

Urdu is written in the opposite direction to English ie from right to left. It is an easy language to write fast in , because it has a built in shorthand ! It is very important to read each line slowly and study each part of a figure closely the first time , and then re-read it carefully again to make the whole learning experience easy, it is one of the official provincial languages recognized by the Indian constitution


We charge $0.08 USD / £0.04 Per Word for translating in Urdu language and viceversa.
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We are specialist Urdu translators. We are able to offer all the services, advice and consultancy you require for complete success in the Urdu market.Our Urdu mother tongue translators are of the very highest calibre to ensure that when we translate into Urdu the work is of the very highest standard.

We can supply our Urdu translations in all electronic formats, and as market leaders in Urdu, would be delighted to offer you free advice on subjects such as software compatibility, fonts and Windows - Macintosh compatibility, we just charge $0.08 USD / £0.04 Per Word. We accept Credit cards also.

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