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Translators-India was established in 1995 and has since grown to become the leading translation agency in India. Its translation work is highly appreciated by government agencies, non-governmental institutions as well as commercial enterprises in India, United states, Europe and abroad. When you need to take your business global, you will not find a better partner than Translators-India. International business means more than just translating a web site or company brochure. We make it possible for you to communicate with your associates and clients in their language and show them you their value and culture.We act as a bridge between your products and your customer. We don't just translate words or documents, we translate meaning to avoid cultural mistakes, that gives you confidence when communicating anywhere in the world in any language. With keen cultural sensitivity, we also make sure your materials are politically correct in each target country, keeping your firm out of hot water. We enhance customer perception of your technology and integrity. Our commitment to service, coupled with our technical expertise and in-depth industry knowledge have led reputed companies to choose us as their globalization partner.

An all-encompassing globalization effort is typically the best way to meet the challenges of operating internationally. Our work is done by qualified professional translators with accreditation from reputed Universities and having rich translation experience. Each translator specializes in particular areas, such as law, medicine, software, marketing, finance, advertising etc. We evaluate them using our own rigorous tests, with final acceptance into our network, only after our in-house linguists have reviewed their work and given their approval. Our rates are calculated according to the length of a document (that is, the number of words), the subject matter and the language(s) involved. We offer discounted rates for educational establishments, non-profit-making organisations, charitable organisations, private individuals, multi-language work and regular (contract) work.We can supply translations on disk in a variety of software packages by e-mail, modem, fax or by post. Please remember that you will need appropriate software to read languages containing unusual accents or languages not using the Roman alphabet.

We are happy to advise on this, E-mail, modem or fax the document to us, and we will give you an exact price. Experienced and qualified translators, editors and proof-readers, strict quality control procedures and up-to-date information technology ensure that our clients receive fast, reliable and print quality service.

We can respond to your query in 2 hours maximum in normal working hours and 6 to 8 hours in non working hours.

Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to give you a free quote. Our email address is:
If you are a qualified and professional translator, and want to join our winning team, you are welcome to email us and send us your CV any time. Our email address is:

We translate all types of documentation

Medical, Computer, Business, Marketing, Legal, Financial, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Technical Manuals, Patents, Annual Reports, Advertising Copy, Marketing Collateral, User Guides, Brochures, Case Studies, Data Sheets, Medical Records, Newsletters, Reference Manuals, Training Manuals, Marketing Materials, Emails, Press Releases etc. Web Sites - HTML editing, databases, meta tags, applications, Software, CD-ROM Titles, Presentations, Surveys, Thesis and every thing which is not covered here also.

Special Requirements
Special Requirements

An essential component of any translation service is providing the specific sectoral terminology and register that is desired by the client and meaningful to the target reader, while maintaining accurate natural language. To achieve this, T-I's editors and translators are always available to discuss specific client needs and to work with the client, both before and after completion, to produce the best translation possible.

Proof Reading
Proof Reading

The demand for quality written material is getting higher and higher in today's pressured business world. Although many people speak a couple of foreign languages today, their written language, no matter how good is rarely up to the standards which business demands.

We strongly recommend a proof-reading stage for any material destined for publication - just as you would expect with any English document which is going to be published. Our network of proofreaders have a long experience of proofing various types of business and specialist documents. To ensure the mechanical accuracy and message content of our translations, Translators-india incorporates an editing and proofreading process. This process involves an independent review of the translation by a native speaking professional in the target language to check for any errors in grammar, style, and, or, imprecise usage of terminology. The editor's recommendations are supplied with the original text and incorporated into the final translation. Many times this involves discussion and consensus between the translator and the editor to obtain the most accurate meaning of the text. We calculate our rates by the hour and the technicality of the subject matter and as a rough guide you should allow approximately one hour per 1000 words of text.

Type Setting

Our translators will follow basic layout such as bold, underlining and italics. There is no additional charge for this.

Our typesetting is completed by linguists, who are aware of such things as where to break words and the nuances of the language in which they are working.

We calculate our rates by the page, depending on the complexity of the layout (graphs, tables, figures, pictures etc). To give you an exact price, we need to see the document with the text in place.
If you have the layout in English (or another language) on disk in a compatible software, this will keep your costs down. We can supply the end result on Disk, Bromide, Film, Camera Ready Copy (600 dpi) or Laser Copy.

Quality Control
Type Setting

All translations are thoroughly checked and proof-read by qualified native speaker editors. Our experienced editors work in close co-operation with the translators and have a mission to ensure:



FluencyCurrent usage

The T-I's(Translators India) quality control system incorporates a cycle that ensures the greatest possible attention to each piece of work : translator - editor - checker - translator.

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