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Our Company is comprises of professionals who are expertise in their respective sphere. What makes our business unique is that we offer our services at a competitive rate with a very high quality. We add to our work, the professional artistic touch that our competitors cannot achieve. Our emphasis is on providing quality and meeting deadlines.

A good quality is crafted by a professional which includes proper idioms, correct terminology, and is culturally modified to suit the intended audience.

We build solutions that are innovative, durable and deliver the analytics and business intelligence required to stay on top and quickly evolve your business....

Software Development
Software Development

If you have customized software applications using which you think you can increase your market share, grab the market by its stuff and want to convert them into e-com solutions, or require creations of your Standalone Applications to Web Applications.

We have the ways and means to help you with everything from platform and database porting to maintenance and sustaining services and anything else you can think of. This includes a strong background in Internet products and their integration into e-business solutions.

Our experience, excellence and execution to builds on the module already created by you and push its effectiveness or bring new version to new users.

Translators-India provides complete Software solutions, E-commerce solutions including applications development, consulting, implementation services and training.

Translators-India have the resources to help you with everything from platform and database porting to maintenance and sustaining services and more. This includes a strong background in Internet products and their integration into e-business solutions.

We have a solution to all your problems perceived & authentic.


The word Calligraphy is usually defined by its two Greek roots: kalli meaning beautiful and graphic referring to writing. Although most often associated with the beautiful writing done by scribes during the Renaissance, it has come to encompass beautiful lettering made by many means. Oriental brush lettering or Roman stone carving are equally a part of what we call Calligraphy today.

Translators-India, is where you will find the tradition of centuries of fine lettering merged to create beautiful and unique pieces of artwork or the perfect gift. Presented in many different and unusual mediums are original works, precious limited editions, prints and other unique items.

Translators-India's customers clearly appreciate the opportunity to look at beautiful artworks and select the perfect piece.

DTP / Printing

Desktop publishing is essential to making our customer's projects stand out. Whether they're looking for an electronic file, high-resolution color output, or large volume printing, Translators-India delivers all these and much much more. We have the partnerships and tools to meet your specifications and your deadlines.

We offers turnkey digital printing services, which includes delivery of a final copy of the translated text bound to the client's specifications.

Software Localization

if your organization is facing the challenges of expanding your global market, requiring professional project management of your translation and localization projects, consider Translators-India. For localization of software, training materials, web sites, or documentation — We provide the experience and expertise you need.Localization is part of the translation process. From start to finish, the Translators-India employs processes and methodologies that enable us to deliver world-class applications designed for the global market. The focus of each translation and localization project is to produce a final product that appears to have been designed in the target language from the onset. Our localization methodology has been created to ensure unparalleled quality by selecting translations professionals in the target market.

Support for multiple-languages is a feature of many enterprise-level vendor sites. In continental Europe, this type of feature is common place, with the sites attracting much more traffic than they would if they were kept to just their native tongue. The lesson is : If you want to reach a global audience, then you should be prepared to address markets in the language that they understand.


We do not create unnecessary hype. No scare tactics. We have a straight forward logical no nonsense approach. Just what it takes to deliver results

We have vast experience and indepth understanding of Microsoft Technologies ( NT, IIS, VB, VC++, ASP, MS SQL Server, COM+, C#, ASP.Net, etc. ), Sun Java technologies (Java, servlets, EJB, JDBC, JSP etc.) and Linux based technologies (PHP, Perl, MySql etc.) and Coldfusion.The technology we use is of course cutting edge but our aim is to reduce cost, increase revenue, make faster processes to optimize the most of the inputs you give and finally build a relationship with you.


Our consultants can help you with just about any language or communication related problems you have.

How are you going to ensure that your employees have an acceptable level of language for your business? What is anyway an acceptable level? Can cultural awareness make a difference to your bottom line?

Contact us today for a discussion of what we can do to help you out.



For films or television programmes to be appreciated by foreign language viewers - as well as the deaf - they must be translated. But producing on-screen translations (known as subtitles) is no easy matter.A subtitler must be aware of and bring across all the relevant information and linguistic nuances contained in the original dialogue and convey these in his subtitles. That may be fine in a book, but the cinema or television screen only has a limited amount of space in which to place each subtitle. In addition, it takes far longer to read a sentence than to say and hear it.

This means that the subtitler must express the same sentiments as the speaker in the film, but in less time (that is, using fewer words). It's a delicate juggling act, requiring both an in-depth understanding of the languages involved and an ability to produce clear, concise translations.Many companies employ students or non-trained translators working from home as a way of keeping costs down. Some subtitlers don't even get to see the film they are working on. The outcome is sadly predictable. Subtitles appear almost at random, bear little resemblance to the original text and often miss the point entirely.

The customer is left with a second-rate product that discerning viewers will laugh at, and of which no one can be proud.

Translators-India uses qualified, experienced subtitlers. We calculate our rates per subtitle. We can supply completed subtitles on disk in a variety of software packages or the way you want it !

Other Services

These include: americanization, audio/tape/video transcription, brand-name-checking, business cards, copy-editing, copywriting, cultural awareness training, desktop publishing (DTP), indexing, on-screen editing, printing, research, slide presentation, telemarketing campaigns, telephone calls, temporary staff placements and typing.