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Data Conversion

PDF Conversion

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the de facto standard for electronic distribution of documents because it is the most efficient method for keeping intact the look and feel originally created. PDF files are compact, cross platform and can be viewed freely using an Acrobat Reader.

Adobe™ PDF files can be produced from print, microform or any electronically authored file. They also can be produced directly from TIFF images. PDCC can apply a variety of navigational tools or indexing to the captured images.

As an example, a PDF file containing the pages of a printed article may be produced. The print pages are scanned at 300 dpi, bitonal (black/white only), compressed using CCITT Group IV and converted to the PDF format using Acrobat Capture.100% scaling. The quality is largely that of a fax machine.

PDF Creation

Conversion of data/image from hard copy or any file format to Adobe PDF is undertaken. PDF creation with indexing, links, forms and security option are undertaken. We also create ebooks in PDF from any layout or word processing programs.

  • Using Acrobat Scan™ to scan documents directly to PDF image files
  • Using Acrobat Capture™ or Capture Plug-in within Acrobat Exchange™ to convert scanned images into searchable or non-searchable PDF
  • Using PDF Writer™ and Acrobat Distiller™ to convert electronic files to searchable PDF
PDF Drag 'N Drop Option

PDCC can also enhance the graphics in the PDF pages by using the Acrobat Exchange Drag 'N Drop Option feature. The figures within the bi-tonal 300dpi PDF are replaced with the graphic files described above so that the PDF pages better represent the quality of the print.

Converting from PDF

Existing PDF Documents can be converted to any required structured format. Content in PDF documents can be saved in Rich Text Format (RFT) and formatted into SGML, HTML, XML or other structured format for use in other applications.

Images can be extracted easily from PDF documents to any standard image format, and reused for other purposes.

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