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Multilingual Website
It is of extreme importance to talk in the language of the customers. When you need your website to speak in your client's language, turn to Translators-India. More importantly, we go beyond mere translations to make your site function and read as if a native speaker wrote it. Your customers and visitors in Asia will never have the thought that they're reading a translated English site, greatly improving your firm's credibility while promoting trust and understanding among your target audience.

You can't put your website in all the languages of the world - but why not put it in the ones that could make a difference to your business?

We help you in removing all the barriers that comes in your way, including those of Language.The Internet today has helped in bridging the gaps between two farthest points on the globe to that of a stone's throw, hence it is essential to communicate languages in order to make the WORLD your customer.

From business card translation, marketing communications documentation to software manual, resource, and help files, we can successfully facilitate your multilingual communication needs. During the translation phase, we develop a project glossary as necessary and use it throughout the translation process to maintain consistency and accuracy. Also, by utilizing Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools, that store original and translated sentences into memory for later reference, we assure maximum consistency and efficiency while saving time and resources. In the review phase, a skilled and specialized editor checks a second time for terminology, consistency, presentation, style, omission, and overall linguistic accuracy. We have access to a vast number of industry-specific dictionaries and glossaries along with internally developed glossaries that we use to shape standard languages to specific industry requirements. This phase is essential because it corrects and refines the translation to specific company needs. No matter how superior your product is, communicating with linguistic accuracy and cultural sensitivity is essential to your success.

At Context we offer language solutions to meet every need. We can even make your website font free it means if your client is not having the font installed for that language he will be able to see it without downloading that font so it will bring more traffic to your website as 90% of users don't want to download fonts on their system as it will take time.

If you don't have a site yet we can design one for you. If you are already on-line we can add value to your site by translating it and promoting it in the countries you need to target.

If a potential client is looking for your product in a language other than English, they won't find your site unless it's translated into their language. Make your site work properly for you. The fact that a larger percentage of people are conversant in English doesn't prove the dearth of the non-English markets. On the contrary, according to IDC Market Research "The total number of non-English speaking online users is 165 million people and will soon surpass the number of English speakers online by 2005". Now if that isn't reason enough to have Multilingual sites what is?

Desktop Publishing & Typesetting
After the translation process, multilingual publishing is done through various programs such as QuarkXPress, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Ventura Publisher, Interleaf, Office, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. Linguistic QA is also performed after the initial layout to ensure the closest match to the original is made. Upon client's approval, various final deliverables are prepared, including PDF, EPS, film negatives, bromides and then delivered to the client. Also we provide, one-stop translation layout and EPS generation service for your business card translation.

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