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Kannada Language @ US $0.1 / £ 0.05 Per Word

Kannada is the language predominant in the state of Karnataka in India.Perhaps being the oldest language next to Sanskrit, Prakrit, and Tamil, Kannada country and language have a rich heritage. 'Kavirajamarga' () of king Nripatunga (9th century A.D.) is believed to be the earliest literary work in Kannada. It is a treatise on poetics or a guide to poets indicating that Kannada was a fully developed literary language when Kavirajamarga (cu-ve-raa-ja-maarga) was composed. It refers to earlier linguists and poets whose works are not forthcoming. But from epigraphical evidence it can be surmised that the spoken Kannada language evolved much earlier than the Halmidi inscription (c. 450 A.D. ). Belonging to the Prto-Dravidian group it has close affinity with the Tamil language, prevalent now in the neighboring Tamil Nadu. But the language of the Halmidi inscription is highly Sanskritized.


We charge $0.1 USD / £0.05 Per Word for translating in Kannada language and viceversa.
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We are the specialist of Kannada translators. We are able to offer all the services, advice and consultancy you require for complete success in the Kannada market.Our Kannada mother tongue translators are of the very highest calibre to ensure that when we translate into Kannada the work is of the very highest standard.

We can supply our Kannada translations in all electronic formats, and as market leaders in Kannada, would be delighted to offer you free advice on subjects such as software compatibility, fonts and Windows - Macintosh compatibility, we just charge $0.1 USD / £0.05 Per Word. We accept Credit cards also.