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Professional interpreters provide an accurate medium of verbal communication among people from different parts of the world. Interpreting services are a daily requirement for global companies given the constant and diverse immigration worldwide in conjunction with the increasing amount of international business. As a result of today's multicultural environment, not only do we have the demand to use our skills on a daily basis, we also have the professional interpreters necessary to satisfy your requirements. We provide consecutive, simultaneous, dubbing/voice-over, and phone-interpretation. We specialize in conventions, conferences, business meetings, depositions, court hearings, guided tours, presentations, lectures, medical and emergency situations.

Speaking your Language

Interpreting, unlike translation, is oral. All good interpreters must be able to express nuances and subtlety as well as getting across the essence of what is being said.

There are several different types of interpreting, all of which are appropriate for different occasions.
Ad-hoc Interpreting

Ad-hoc interpreting is most used when there is no need for specialized equipment. Ad-hoc is arguably the most common form of interpreting, used at meetings of all kinds, conferences, ' walk-abouts ' and visits, and court visits.

There are several types of ad-hoc or 'liaison' interpreting, as it is sometimes called. Immediate interpreting is usually delivered sentence-by-sentence, or whispered into the ear of the person requiring the translation. Consecutive is where the interpreter makes notes and then puts a whole speech or lengthy address back together when the speaker has finished.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting takes place usually at large meetings and multi-national conferences. The interpreter would normally sit in a sound-proof booth, and translate the words of the speaker at the same time (usually lagging behind the speaker by only a few seconds). It goes without saying that this type of interpreting is highly skilled and takes specialist training.

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Translators-India, provide you with an interpreter or team of interpreters who will deliver the content and professionalism which is so important to us and our clients. Our network of experienced interpreters can help you with all of your interpreting needs. Whether you need help with a one week long conference or an emergency meeting today, our network can help. As our network grows so does our language combinations.

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