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Data Conversion

Image Scanning
Image scanning services range from: image capturing, image keying, andimage storage and retrieval

Translators-India offers excellent scanning of images of any format, including slide, negative, print and transparency. Our exacting standards ensure superb reproduction suitable to each application. Internet images look fantastic and load quickly. Print quality images are handled to ensure accurate replication. When we are employed to preserve antique images, retouch damaged ones, or reproduce poor quality originals, our output is regularly superior to the original. This includes the scanning of books for reprint.

For an additional charge, we can optimize your scanned images for the web. This means making the file size small while preserving the visual size and quality of the image and ensuring that the image will look good in all web browsers and computer systems.

Translators-India has built several tools to handle data conversion of your scanned images and image scanning is catching up as main outsourced service.

For material that is damaged or deteriorating, digitization offers an opportunity to provide replacement copies of a quality as good as those generated through preservation by photocopying or microfilming. For rare or fragile material, such copies can be used both to reduce handling and increase access.Once the scanning is completed, the files can be easily retrieved at the click of a button. There is no need to search and find out an old document from the heap of documents. It is quick, easy and reliable. Image enhancement is able to correct deficiencies in the original document. During processing, the captured image is immediately available to the operator, who can inspect it for quality on a real time basis and improve it further.Once the data is digitized, it can be easily duplicated at the click of a button. The duplicated copies will be of the same quality as the original one and sometimes even better !

We use Flatbed Scanner for image scanning. The Flatbed Scanner is ideal for all image scanning needs not exceeding 12 inches by 17 inches. Our Microtek Scanner is designed to accept printed originals as well as photo negatives and photo transparencies (slides). At a maximum resolution of 2000 ppi the Microtek 9600XL can generate an image file of 816 mega-pixels. The larger the original, the higher resolution the scan will be. The higher resolution the scan, the higher quality the final print will be.

Whether you want your old photos scanned to CD or are looking to have damaged photos repaired or you simply want to archive important documents... Aesthetic Images will meet your needs -- at a reasonable price.

Some common uses of the Flatbed Scanner are:

  • Digitizing Photos
  • Digitizing Slides
  • Digitizing Negatives
  • Digitizing documents as images
  • Digitizing documents as Word Processing Files
  • Archiving historical documents
  • Archiving important/legal documents
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