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French Language@ US $0.07 / £ 0.04 Per Word

French until 1835, both pronounced in standard French, but often heard pronounced), or French language, both pronounced), is the third of the Romance languages in terms of number of speakers, after Spanish and Portuguese. In 1999 French was the 11th most spoken language in the world, being spoken by about 77 million people (called Francophones) as a mother tongue, and by 128 million altogether including second language speakers. It is an official or administrative language in various communities and organizations (such as the European Union, IOC, United Nations and Universal Postal Union). Before World War II, French was considered the international language par excellence, particularly in such fields as diplomacy and the lingua franca of much trade, shipping, and transportation Per the Constitution of France, French is the official language of the Republic since 1992. there are some French speakers in Lebanon, Cambodia, Egypt, India (Pondicherry), Italy (Aosta Valley), Laos, Mauritania, United Kingdom (Channel Islands), United States of America (mainly Louisiana and the New England region) and Vietnam, Russia, and the Czech Republic.


We charge $0.07 / £ 0.04 USD per word for translating in French language and viceversa.
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Enraciné dans un patrimoine d'expertise et d'expériences, fondé sur une plate-forme de
forces conséquentes, l'héritage du Groupe DSC couvre des secteurs et zones
géographiques. Créé il y a plus de sept décennies, le Groupe a joué un rôle clé et
déterminant dans la création d'une infrastructure théorique et mondiale grâce à sa plateforme multidimensionnelle en termes de croissance et de progrès.


we are specialist French translators. We are able to offer all the services, advice and consultancy you require for complete success in the French market.Our French mother tongue translators are of the very highest calibre to ensure that when we translate into French the work is of the very highest standard. We can supply our French translations in all electronic formats, and as market leaders in french, would be delighted to offer you free advice on subjects such as software compatibility, fonts and Windows - Macintosh compatibility, we just charge $0.07 / £ 0.04 USD per word. We accept Credit cards also.

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