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Data Conversion


To keep up with the competition and the latest technology trends, books in print must now also be published as an e-book. How can this content easily be published for hand-held devices?

Think about Translators-India for e-book services.

The term ‘e-books’ is defined broadly to include electronic reference works, monographs and textbooks. They may be delivered via the Web or a hand-held device. E-books can be viewed on computers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), or dedicated e-book reading devices. Software to view the books may come bundled with the hardware or may need to be downloaded from the Internet.

Requiring special prepublication formatting, eBooks are fast becoming an electronic standard for publishing books on the internet. Translators-India can scan and convert your book – or typewritten manuscript – into an eBook that is ready for sale on the internet.

Translators-India can convert textbook files to e-book files, using one format or multiple formats simultaneously. Links, bookmarks, scrollable directories, and autoscroll features are added to enhance the usability of the e-books for the readers. Artwork and tables can also be converted for use in e-books. Translators-India will manage the entire conversion process and deliver final e-book files in the formats requested.

If your book is already in electronic form—a DOC or PDF file for instance—Translators-India can format it for sale/distribution on the web as an eBook.

Translators-India can also prep your book for submission to an ebook publisher/distributor that can produce both paper and digital versions of your book. To find out more, visit eBookstand.

Acrobat eBook, Palm Doc, Microsoft Reader, Open E-Book, Adobe Acrobat Reader are the general E-book development. Translators-India can help you develop the E-Book that's right for you. And we can develop your E-Book in one format or simultaneously produce multiple formats. We can help you decide which formats are right for you:

  • Acrobat eBook for great presentation and eCommerce distribution
  • Microsoft Reader for instant lookups and eCommerce distribution
  • Palm Docs enhanced for readers on the go
  • Acrobat Reader for technical, highly-linked content
  • Open E-Book for convertibility and on-line access
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